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I'm an actor with natural comedic timing, with a strong interest in the nerdier side of media, be it animation, science fiction, video games or audio dramas. The interest started as a young girl in Norway who fell in love with Star Wars and has never slowed. 

I am professionally trained from Drama Studio London with a solid foundation in stagecraft and stage acting, whilst also having lessons in voice and screen acting, alongside stage combat, movement and more. 

A trained singer and a natural mover, I'm versatile but with a preference for comedic acting as it comes more naturally to me.

Outside acting I'm an avid gamer, love crafts like cross stitch and knitting, am an enthusiastic animal lover and a very proud auntie to two amazing girls. I also work for an amazing gym as a member of the concierge team, and every now and then I review plays for a large theatre blog. 

Back in Norway I was a member of a fantastic electro-goth band called Magicka, DJ'ed at alternative club nights under the name DJ KrazyCat and helped organise events for the club concept Gotham Nights. I was and am heavily into the darker side of music, but still love pop music with no shame.

A bit quirky, a bit different, a whole lot of interesting. 

Picture by A. Johnson

Picture by A. Johnson